Sophie's World

My name is Sophie and I am a Tibetan Terrier just like Josie was, even though I never knew her. I was born on May 31, 2013 and went to live with my new parents on August 3rd. Daddy takes lots of pictures and posts them here. I really don't quite get it....

Cutest Dog at Bridges Dog Show, 2019

Sophie with Max's help won cutest dog at a show held at Bridges, the memory care facility where Myra is a resident

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In 2017, Sophie got spayed and relived her Spidey-glory on Halloween

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Olympic Dreams 2016

Sophie goes for the gold in 2016

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2015, The Winning Year

Sophie turned 2 in May, 2015. Spring would would prove to be her championship season.

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Around the House, 2014

Some quality time around the house with mommy and daddy

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Springfield MA Show - Dec 7, 2014

A cold December show in Springfield, but alas no joy for Sophie. She had plenty of fun, but no points.

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Springfield MA Show - Apr 20, 2014

Just a couple of weeks later we return to Springfield on Easter Sunday for the Windsor Kennel Club show. Max goes in with Sophie and Marybeth goes in with Bentley for the breed competition. Both come out winners!

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Springfield MA Show - Apr 5, 2014

Max goes into the ring to help Sophie won her 3rd point at the Troy Kennel Club Show in Springfield MA

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Hartford CT Show - Feb 2014

At the age of 9 months, Sophie and her brother Bentley got their first points at the Governor's Footguard Dog Show in Hartford, Feb 2014

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Sibling Play Date

On a nice Fall Saturday, Sophie's sibling Bentley (aka Dogwood) and his human mommy, Marybeth Frosco, came for a playdate. Well, it wasn't all play. Caryl Crouse the breeder also visited to give some initial grooming and training guidance in anticipation of the puppies "debuting" at their first show, probably in February.

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Fall 2013

It was touch-and-go right to the finish, but I finally graduated from puppy kindergarten. Mommy and daddy were so proud! Then I visited grandpa and grandma at their house for the first time. Daddy also took a cute video of me helping mommy with her makeup.

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Puppy Days

At approximately 4 months, I am starting to lose some of my puppy teeth and learning to behave a little bit better. Graduation from puppy kindergarten is soon and I hope I don't get held back!

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My New Home

Sophie adopted her new parents on Aug 3, 2013. She immediately started exploring and made sure everything was to her liking.

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Tibetan Terrier Puppies

After a sad start to the Summer having to put our dear Josie down, we heard from Caryl Crouse that a new litter of Tibetan Terriers was on their way. Three girls and a boy were born May 31, 2013. Caryl sent us weekly updates and we arranged that we would have our choice of one of the girls. In the middle of July, we spent a lovely Sunday visiting with Caryl and the six week old puppies. After some quick pondering we decided on "Rose", who we renamed Sophie.

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